On June 14th and 15th, the "CATCH. a Body" installation was first presented to the public at the 2014 Paterson Art Walk at the Art Factory (70 Spruce St. Paterson, NJ). My fellow college & the master mind behind the idea & concept William Tate and myself, William Moses, both aspiring architect collaborated for the art installation that was Featured in the Paterson 2014 ART WALK. Our theme for the installation C.A.T.C.H A BODY" is an acronym for (Carrying A Torch to Cease Homicide). Our goal is to bring awareness of gun violence by using Art as a medium.

Synopsis Statement:

In places such as Paterson, Newark, Chicago and beyond, gun violence reigns in many neighborhoods. We as citizens of the 21st century have become desensitized to this social ill.  As a result, this exhibit was produced to honor those who have fallen to gun violence. William & I installed a floating acoustical drop ceiling not only as structure but also as a representable transcendence piece and hung translucent panels from it.  The idea was toused a hidden projector to project images of anti-violence videos and messages, onto holographic film and plexi-glass, hung from the ceiling, in order to deepen the viewers stream of consciousness. The concept of transparency is central to this exhibit. Since one is able to see through the layers of information simultaneously, the message fosters an elusive perspective as one revolves around the space. We also incorporated red laser diodes to represent the million of fallen victims outside of the 36 victims within the exhibit. The intention for this very interpretive and intense display, using a transparent materials and methods, is to communicate a "screen of violence" as an opposition to the fragmentation of the moral corollary surrounding guns in or communities. The hope is to re-sensitive citizens to this stigma that plaques our society, using an informative transparent "screen of violence" to show that the issue of homicide is a global issue that has affected the lives of many. The Art  Walk event Is held every year in the Great Falls Historical Area,  70 Spruce St, Paterson, NJ 07501. The participants ares asked to express there artistic talents from art, sculpture, textile designs to music & fashion.

To see us in action: 
 — with William A. Moses