JBA consists of 8 architects who are organized horizontally: our move away from specialization has enabled each of our architects to become conversant in highly technical facilities and able to understand the whole project and design process. The same person who designs the project on the computer goes out to the field to make sure of compliance with drawings so there will be no surprises. When the project is under construction we make sure that what we learn in the field impacts the next project. This approach creates a sense of ownership and a holistic understanding of all of the projects in the office (nobody here just drafts!) with the result that there has been little staff turnover for the last five years. All of our architects are specialists in healthcare architecture who work with a talented group of sub-consultants to create complete environments, from workflow to airflow.


We leverage the design process through 3rd generation BIM, from planning views to individual room detail.  We use computer programs and BIM to integrate the parts within the whole in order to save time creating and finishing projects.  We use 3D drawings, not as special renderings, but as part and parcel of the drawings and construction set.  We build layers of complexity as we go through the project and manipulate the software so we can bring the images we need to the users and the consultant team, minimizing changes in the later phases of the design process.