Reception and Waiting RoomControl Room

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Location: New York, NY
Size: 2,010 square feet
Project Type: 
Renovation, Expansion &
Equipment Upgrade

The project consisted of renovating an existing Nuclear Medicine Department located at the 3rd floor of the Hudson South wing at the Milstein Hospital Building (MHB) in order to accommodate the replacement of a Siemens PET Ecat Scanner with a new Siemens Symbia 16 SpecCT. The new SpecCT control area created a common space for staff and workstations and provided storage for new equipment. During the course of the project the design team determined that an existing Siemens single head E-cam was obsolete and, with the Department and hospital administration, decided  to use the space to expand inpatient and outpatient holding areas for for the Nuclear Medicine Department in order to enhance overall patient care.  A new larger waiting area appropriate to the current needs of the Department provided access to the outpatient waiting area from the main corridor, separating outpatient and inpatient waiting areas and creating private space for confidential discussions between patients and medical staff.