1 of 6 neighborhoods w/ 8 Operatories, 1 Faculty Touchdown and 1 Distribution eachDental operatory w/ Planmeca data collecting chairCustom partition houses mannequin and dental tool kit Reception desk and waiting area Clinic Manager office and Student Locker RoomNeighborhood w/ indirect lighting synchronized with window shades and daylight harvestingOverall view of East ClinicFaculty Touchdown for treatment planning and review of students’ workElectronic inventory support spaceMaterials DistributionStaff corridor.  Patient and student traffic are separated into 2 paths within each clinic.


Columbia University Medical Center College of Dental Medicine Center for Precision Dentistry and Simulation Learning
Location: New York, NY
Size: 120,000 square feet
New Clinics: 16,000 square feet
Project Type: Master Plan and Renovation

The College of Dental Medicine acquired the 5th Floor of Vanderbilt Clinic to expand the school and modernize its curriculum, teaching facilities and clinical programs.The curriculum will be changed from a class-based schedule to achievement and skills- based assignments.  Students will begin their clinical exposure in the first year while simulation and skills teaching takes place in the clinical setting where more faculty and advanced students are available for instruction and supervision. Learning in a true clinical environment encourages students to develop good practices and techniques in a context that improves performance and enhances interaction with live patients.

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