Greenwich HouseGreenwich House

Greenwich House
Location: New York, NY
Size: 58,000 square feet in 4 locations
Project Type: Reorganization, Planning, Renovation

Jeffrey Berman Architect began working for Greenwich House five years ago, undertaking a space inventory, program analysis and restack studies.  The original goal was to reorganize and consolidate the Music, Art and Pottery Schools and drug, alcohol and HIV treatment programs, housing all operations under one roof and renting out excess space to other non-profit organizations. With the economic downturn, the original plan was no longer feasible.  As a result, a number of smaller projects were undertaken.  These have included a lobby renovation, the restack of the medical facilities in the main building, the addition of classrooms to accommodate an expanded educational program and a 3-room pre-school, space for a children’s safety program including psychiatric and family counseling and a new exam room added to the expanded senior health program.