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Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo
Location: Bronx, NY
Size: 8,000 square feet
Project Type: New Construction, LEED Silver

Designed as part of the Global Center for Wildlife Health at the Bronx Zoo, the new Quarantine Facility, which contains 6 isolation wards for small to medium size animals of all types and species, is used for the isolation and treatment of sick specimens from the Zoo and as a quarantine portal for all animals entering or leaving the Bronx campus. Each of the 6 wards has its own HVAC system with independent controls for pressure, temperature, humidity and lighting that can create environments ranging from arctic to desert to tropical rain forest and time shift daylight for nocturnal species. The Facility is self-sufficient, including food prep, materials processing and staff support and has a back-up generator that provides emergency power for the I/Q Building and the adjacent health center. New York Local Law 86 requires that the building be LEED certified as a health facility; the design team exceeded this requirement, achieving a LEED Silver certification.